#3 University of Michigan   


#20 University of Notre Dame

September 10th, 2005

  Notre Dame 17 - Michigan 10

Return of Nihls Patiently waiting
Here comes the sun Tailgating for the rich
Flash dance The golf course is becoming rather popular
The dreaded "Big Dad's" Items plundered
7:30am.. time for a beer  Is that Hulk Hogan?
Just outta bed Where have those fingers been?
Takin' it easy Let the games begin
Close but no cigar Busy front lawn
Erect Hey... that isn't Bill Cosby
Going at it Up next... Styx
Beef with Guiness Fry 'em up, Bryan
Gamery Tippy cup champion
Steady now And for the win...
Hurry! The New Blue Man Group
Pillagers Hang on, lady!
Put 'em up Speedy competition
Dead weight lift Team effort
X Styx a little too close
X Todd gets agressive
Todd still touching guys The Leprechaun on the table threw up 
More hands-on action Breaking but not entering
Montana Go deep!
The house View from the beer gods
Messy zone The cable guy... supposed to be here on Thursday
Upper decker Wrestling continues...
When will the fisticuffs stop, Todd? Nihls puts 'em down
Is that Scott? Nihls having a typical afternoon drink
Party time! Jiving for change
Colored ladies I need tickets
Long walk Gotta love Scott's sausage
Almost there Fancy running
Entering bliss Yellow spaghetti
Banner Flags
Whoo hoo! Getting ready for a win?
Surly opposition Go blacks!
Band in the corner Go blue formation
Down by 11... Super - drunk - fan
I love you guys! Big fist
Nihls on his way Don't drop him again!
Kill me now It's over...
Walk of shame The next Ohio State head coach
Take that Charlie Weis