#4 University of Michigan   


Northern Illinois University

September 3rd, 2005

  Michigan 33 - Northern Illinois 17

Makin' drinks early

Wonder where they're going?


Another early start Morning bliss
Unpacking the goodies Bringing back a popular pastime


All setup

JP's pic... by request Hold 'em high

Right at it What's that you're putting in there, Bryan?

Enjoying life Who's ready for games?
Dishing it up Soon to be empty

Cheering section Put one in, Bryan

Going in Steve and Styx make an entrance
Did we invite these people? The Michigan cheerleaders and some guys
Where's the music? Yeah, team

Hail!  Gettin' high
Don't look at me Blond bliss

Chris makes way with the ladies The arrival of the original Superfan
Superfan's ladies Superfans

Will the real Superfan please step forward Everyone loves the big guy

Games galore Busy place
Goodbye Superfan, we'll miss you  Hold 'em high

First down! Get out of my way... I've got a game to watch

Fans getting ready to lose Let me see your ID
Husky crazies Return to Michigan Stadium

Band takes the field I wish I could do that
Marching along Hitting the banner

Flags galore The return of Matt
Styx... lanky but light Bryan... a challenge for row 84
Go Blue! Styx finally finds himself

Wave Key play
Growl! Must mean another touchdown
Exquisite Calling it a day

Felt good to be back