2016 Videos

Michigan vs. Illinois

Nathan's 16th Birthday


Michigan at Michigan State

Michigan Touchdown

M on the Field

Let's Go Blue in Spartan Stadium

Go - Blue Chant



It's Great to Be a Michigan Wolverine

Harmonica Glen



Michigan vs. Maryland

Summary of the Day - Cool!

Captain's Quarters

Harmonica Go Blue


Michigan at Iowa

Summary of the Day

Iowa Traditions 1

Iowa Traditions 2

Dance Party

Busy Tailgate Scene

Hardcore Iowa Granny

Iowa About to Take the Field


Michigan vs. Indiana

Hitting the Banner

Snowy Michigan Stadium


Central Michigan at Eastern Michigan

On the Sidelines


Michigan at Ohio State

Go Blue in Ohio Stadium


Michigan vs. Florida State

QB Challenge

Receiver Challenge

Michigan Band Pre-game

Kolis Tailgate - the Victors

Club Level!

Club Halls

Pre-Game Huddle

Pre-Game Excitement

Michigan Marching Band 1

Michigan Marching Band 2

Michigan Takes the Field

Chief Osceola 1

Chief Osceola 2

Horse Dumps the Chief as FSU Enters


Michigan Touchdown

DNCE Performance

Pre-New Years at Clevelanders

Happy New Year!

Fireworks 1

Fireworks 2

Fireworks 3

Fireworks 4

All Night Party on South Beach